First download the media from Microsoft MVLS


Download the news ISO and Mount it on your PC.

Install Visio on a test PC (Hyper-V) – then you can update tour install source for Visio by running WIndows update.

In your update settings for WIndows update select “Give me update for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”


Run Windows update on your test PC. Install only Office related updates.


When you are finish then download this script from

And run the officeupdate.vbs script



The script will now collect and copy all installed updates for Visio into %Temp%\Updates


The copy all the content of %Temp%\Updates\ to the source of your Visio installation under updates directory


Now you are ready to make your silent install file for Visio called visio.msp

Start a command promt as administartor


Run setup.exe /admin from your Visio Source Directory on the SCCM server


Click Ok to create a new Visio.msp file

And start changing the parameters for the silent installation

1. Enter your Company name


2. Enter MAK key if your not are using KMS

3. Click “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”

4. Clik “Supress modal”

5. Click “No Cancel”


6. Enter  the Setup properties

6.a. Auto_Activate = 1 (for Auto Activation of Visio after end installation)

6.b. Set_Reboot = Never (To prevent a reboot of the PC doing the deployment)


7. Modify User Settings you want (can also be set as i GPO) I always disable “First Run Wizard”

Visio_install6 VISIO_install7 VISIO_install8

After you are finish save the visio.msp files into the updates directory og the Visio Source Files

VISIO_install9 VISIO_install91

The also Works Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Project and other Office stand alone products.