When MDM managed Windows 10 devices with Intune – I’am missing a overview of who my devices is compliant with my Software Update strategy.

Here is the solutions – Using MSOMS as a extra management tool, now I can report my software update compliant level.

OMS Software update status

How do we accomplice this with minimal  work – I already have my Windows 10 devices managed by Intune with the MDM joined feature.

First download the MSOMS agent.

OMS Agent 1

Because Intune MDM can only deploy MSI – I extract the MMASetup-AMD64.exe by running MMASetup-AMD64.exe  /C

OMS Agent 2

Enter the place to extract the MSOMS agent

OMS Agent 3

Now the agent is extracted as a MSI file MOMAgent.msi ready to upload to Intune

Login to the Intune Console

Go to APPS

Intune OMS App 1

Click “Add App”

Intune OMS App 2

Click Next

Intune OMS App 3

Select “Windows Installer through MDM (*msi)

Click Browse

Intune OMS App 4

Browse for the MOMAgent.msi

Intune OMS App 5

Enter Publisher

Intune OMS App 6

Click Next

Intune OMS App 7

Enter “Command line arguments”

ADD_OPINSIGHTS_WORKSPACE=1 OPINSIGHTS_WORKSPACE_ID=<your workspace id> OPINSIGHTS_WORKSPACE_KEY=<your workspace key> AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement=1


Click Next

Intune OMS App 8

Click closeIntune OMS App 9

Click Close

Intune OMS App 10

Now the application can be deployed to all Windows 10 MDM joined devices

Intune OMS App 11

And the Microsoft Monitoring Agent is shown in Programs and Features

OMS Agent 4