I have done a lot of Windows Store for Business after the release in December 2015.

The result is that the user can see both the public and private store as shown her:

Windows Store 1

Some customers ask if it is possible to disable the private store. Here is the solution with Intune as MDM tool for Windows 10 AzureAD joined devices:

Create a Custom Configuration policy

MDM Policy 1

Give the policy a name – Windows 10 Custom Policy – RequirePrivateStoreOnly

Click Add

MDM Policy 2

Enter a Setting name: RequirePrivateStoreOnly

Settings description: RequirePrivateStoreOnly

Data type : Integer

OMA-URI: ./User/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/ApplicationManagement/RequirePrivateStoreOnly

Value : 1

•0 (default) – Allow both public and Private store.
•1 – Only Private store is enabled.

MDM Policy 3

Click Save policy

MDM Policy 4

Now you are ready to deploy the policy for your users

Click yes

MDM Policy 5

Assign the policy for the user that need the policy

MDM Policy 6

Logoff and logon again on the PC – now the result is that the user only can the Private Windows Store

Windows Store 2