OMS Office 365 management solution now in public preview.


With the Office 365 solution, you can perform the following types of management activities:

  • Monitor user activities on your Office 365 accounts to analyze usage patterns as well as identify behavioral trends. For example, you can extract specific usage scenarios, such as files that are shared outside your organization or the most popular SharePoint sites.
  • Monitor admin activities to track configuration changes or high privilege operations.
  • Detect and investigate unwanted user behavior, which can be customized for your organizational needs.
  • Demonstrate audit and compliance. For example, you can monitor file access operations on confidential files, which can help you with the audit and compliance process.
  • Perform operational troubleshooting by using OMS Search on top of Office 365 activity data of your organization.

Start your Microsoft OMS Workspace or create a new one.

Go into Settings

OMS O365 - 1

Click Visit the Gallery

OMS O365 - 2

Select the Office 365 (Preview) Solutions

OMS O365 - 3

Click Add

OMS O365 - 4

Click Office 365 on the Dashboard

OMS O365 - 5

Click Connect Office 365

OMS O365 - 6

Enter your Office 365 global admin account and sign in

OMS O365 - 7

Click Accept

OMS O365 - 8

Now is it just waiting for the next 4 hours

OMS O365 - 9

I will create another blogpost about what OMS Office 365 management solutions can be used for when I get some data in my OMS Workspace.