There is a new release of SCCM Tp5 – the upgrade version is 1605.

Update 1605 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview is now available. New and updated features include:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – You can now manage Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) policies for onboarding and off-boarding Windows 10 clients to the cloud service and view agent health in the monitoring dashboard. Note: This requires a subscription to the Windows Defender ATP online service.
  • Enterprise data protection (EDP) policy settings – With this Technical Preview, you can create and deploy EDP policies for devices running Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows 10 Mobile Preview builds. This includes specifying apps, defining network boundaries, choosing the restriction modes, and other EDP settings.
  • Windows Store for Business integration – The 1605 Technical Preview adds the ability to create both online and offline apps with the ability to deploy offline apps to Intune and ConfigrMgr managed devices. You can view video walkthroughs of how to set up and create apps for Windows Store for Business.
  • Server groups (previously known as “Cluster Patching”) – You can now control settings for software updates in server groups, including the order and percentage of devices that can be updated at any one time. These capabilities introduce some enhancements over our pre-release “Servicing a cluster aware collection” feature, including the ability to control the order and better monitoring.
  • Software Center experience – Software Updates and Operating Systems now have their own respective tabs in Software Center, rather than being accessible via the categories dropdown in the Applications tab.
  • Changes in the Client Data Sources dashboard – You will now find the Client Data Sources dashboard in a new location under “Distribution Status”. We added new tiles that show you the amount of clients, distribution points and PeerCache enabled clients. The tiles will show a warning icon if the client to PeerCache enabled clients ratio is less than 50%. We also added a new stacked bar graph that shows the top distributed content in your environment.

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First check for new update

SCCM TP5 - 0

Wait for the download of “Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1605” to complete

SCCM TP5 - 1

Run the prerequisite check

SCCM TP5 - 2

Check the logs for warring’s and error

SCCM TP5 - 3

Then click on the “install Update Pack”

SCCM TP5 - install 1

Click Next

SCCM TP5 - install 2

Click Next (Remove feature you do not want to test)

SCCM TP5 - install 3

Click Next

In production always use Pre-production collection

SCCM TP5 - install 4

Click Next

SCCM TP5 - install 5

Click Next

SCCM TP5 - install 6

Click Close

SCCM TP5 - install 7

In the Monitor follow the Sire Servicing Status – to see when the Upgrade is finished

SCCM TP5 - install 8

Close the SCCM Console – and start it as administrator

The SCCM Console will now do an autoupdate

Click ok

SCCM TP5 - install 9

Click Yes to the UAC dialog

SCCM TP5 - install 10

The Console is now downloading and installing

SCCM TP5 - install 11

Now you can see the new features for System Center Configuration Manager 1605 Tech Preview

SCCM TP5 - Upgrade complete