In Windows 10 it is possible to change SKU – go from one Windows version to another – always up.

From Pro to Enterprise or Education – never the other way around.

In Intune there is a policy to change SKU for a MDM joined Windows 10 device.


My Windows 10 PRO is AzureAD joined and MDM managed


Create a Configuration Policy in Intune

Intune Policy1

Select the policy type “Edition Upgrade Policy (Windows 10 Desktop and later)

Intune Policy2

  1. Give the policy a name
  2. Chose a Edition to upgrade to
  3. Enter a valid License key (the one in the picture is Microsoft generic EnterpriseĀ KMS Key)
  4. Save Policy

Intune Policy3

Click yes to deploy the policy

Intune Policy4

Add the Device group you want to deploy to

Intune Policy5

“Resync” the MDM agent and restart the device.



After a reboot the Windows 10 Edition will be changed.