Whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute apps and books to meet your every business need.

First signup to Apple DEP at deploy.apple.com – this requires a new account with out an existent AppleID.

In the Intune console go to VPP enrollment

Intune console VPP

Download the Apple VPP Token


Start by Enroll into the VPP program

Enroll 2

Enter your details

Enroll 3

Select Download Token


Save the VPP token that you need to upload into Intune


In the Intune Console select Upload the VPP token


Browse for the previous downloaded VPP Token


Enter the Apple ID and select Upload


Select “I understand that this selection is permanent and cannot be changed”

Select Yes


Now the VPP is configured into Intune


Now you are ready to login to the Apple Volume purchase Program and buy applications


Login to the Business Volume Purchase Program


Signin with the AppleID created for this purpose


Find the app you want to purchase


Select a quantity and review ordre


Select place order


Select Buy


Your order is complete


Go into the Intune Console – Admin – IOS and Mac OS X – Volume Purchase Program

Select Sync Now – the sync schedule is every 12 hours

Intune console VPP

Select Sync Now – the sync schedule is every 12 hours


Select Close


Now you are ready to deploy the App to a user group

Go into App – Volume Purchased Apps

All Apps for volume Store’s are in here – both Windows Store for Business and Apple Business Volume Purchase Program


Select the previous purchased app

Select Manage Deployment

Intune VPP deployment 1

  1. Select user group
  2. Select Add
  3. Select Next

Intune VPP deployment 2

Select Required Install

Select Finish

Intune VPP deployment 3


Be award that Intune is not supporting the full functions of Apple VPP at this moment – the function to deploy to a devices is not implemented.

That means that a AppleID is still needed on the IOS device. Please vote on the user voice “Apple VPP device targeting, so Apple ID not required”