I found that there is new stuff in Windows Store for Business Education – a part of the new strategy that Microsoft has for the Education area.

To get access to Windows Store for Business’s Educations feature you need a Office 365 Education subscription.

First of all there are new security roles:

Basic Purchaser that only can buy Minecraft Education Edition.

Admin and purchaser in the Windows Store for Business Education can also get Minecraft Education Edition.


Access to purchase Microsoft Craft Education Edition, both Online and Offline.

Minecraft: Education Edition early access will be available this summer for educators and students to try the game for free.  Early access will end in September 2016.  Minecraft: Education Edition is currently supported on Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan.  All users of Minecraft: Education Edition will need an Office 365 Education account to play the game.

What is Minecraft Education Edition:


  • Individual student logins ensure data privacy and security, and customizable skins personalize the learning environment for student engagement
  • Cameras and Portfolios empower students to capture evidence of learning and create rich formative assessment opportunities within Minecraft
  • Educator ability to customize world settings, student inventory, and more create immersive learning environments balancing engagement and focus
  • Exclusive blocks to Minecraft: Education Edition include Boards to communicate learning goals and Border Blocks to create dedicated build spaces for individuals or cooperative groups
  • Enhanced multi-player, where up to 30 students can collaborate and work together on a set of learning activities without a separate server
  • A tutorial experience for educators new to Minecraft, starter worlds and lessons ensure early success with integrating Minecraft into existing curriculum
  • To download the OS X build for Macintosh computers, please visit http://education.minecraft.net/download


How to purchase Minecraft Education Edition

Get the app

MineCraft EDU 3

Select Close

MineCraft EDU 2

In Manage -> Inventory

Select Action -> Assign to people

MineCraft EDU 4

Find the user to test Minecraft Education Edition – this user needs to have a Office 365 Education license assigned to login.

MineCraft EDU 5

Now the user will get Minecraft Education Edition installed on the devices that are AzureAd joined.

Now the user can start Minecraft Education

Minicraft 1

The user need to login with the  account that have a Office 365 Education license assigned

Minicraft 2

And the student is ready to be educated

Minicraft 3

Lesson Plans

We have provided lessons spanning primary, intermediate, and secondary school for use with your students. Also consider existing curriculum that could be adapted to use Minecraft: Education Edition.