In a Mobile-First Cloud-First world – one of my challenge at the customers is print – on the july the 14. Microsoft’s @Alex_A_Simons release a blog post “21 New SaaS Apps now work with #AzureAD” in that blog post was among other things a very interesting SaaS application Printix – a way to print and update drivers in the cloud and use AzureAD as a user and authentication source.

I started playing around with printix and I’m certain that this a product I will be using at my customers that are running Windows 10 in a clod only environment.

This blogpost is not how to use printix – but how to setup printix with AzureAD and deploy the client with Intune.

First you need to signup to the Printix service at there is a free solution with limit functions and no support – and there is a paid version per user.

Signup by entering your mail:

Printix 00

Then you get an activation mail with a link:

To complete the activation fill out:

  1. Full name
  2. Password
  3. Company
  4. Click Activate

Printix 01

Click next to sign in

Printix 02

Now you have the Printix subscription that is required to add the application to AzureAD

Go to the AzureAD portal and Applications

Select Add

Printix AzureAD 01

Select “Add an application from the gallery”

Printix AzureAD 02

Search for Printix and select it

Printix AzureAD 03

Select Configure single sing-on

Printix AzureAD 04

Select Next

Printix AzureAD SSO 01

Enter the Sign On URL – your Printix tenant name

Select next

Printix AzureAD SSO 02

Download the metadata

The Metadata is used for the federated single sign-on

Printix AzureAD SSO 03

Now you need to login to the prinix admin web. In my case

Go to the Authentication settings page

Printix AzureAD SSO 04a

Select “Enable Azure/Office 365 authentication”

And click on Azure

Printix AzureAD SSO 05











Now the is to solutions.

  1. Send the previous downloaded metadata file to – and within 2 business hours
  2. Upload the metadata file to a public webside (remember that it need to be a https webside)

Click Test

Printix AzureAD SSO 06

If the test is OK – click ok

If not – then you have to find your error

Printix AzureAD SSO 07

Click save

Printix AzureAD SSO 08

Go back to your AzureAD portal

Select “Confirm …” and Click next

Printix -AzureAD Admin 07

Now the single-sign-on is setup and you can click finish

Printix -AzureAD Admin 08.png

There is only a few things that is missing at this point.

On of them is who in the AzureAD has access in Printix.

Select Assign accounts

Printix Assign Accounts 01

You can select users or groups.

When you have AzureAD Premium you can use groups so that is what I will do.

I select my “All users” dynamic group and click assign

Printix Assign Accounts 01a

Click Yes

Printix Assign Accounts 02a

Then you group have access to the application

Printix Assign Accounts 03a

When you login to the printix admin service with the Office 365 account that has the same mail addresse that you signed up to the service with you will get an “Not authorized”

Printix -AzureAD Admin 01

Then you just have to login the an email

Printix -AzureAD Admin 02

Sign in with the account you have signed up with

Printix -AzureAD Admin 03

Go to users

Printix -AzureAD Admin 04

Find the AzureAD user an select modify

Printix -AzureAD Admin 05

Select System manager and save

Printix -AzureAD Admin 06

Now you can sign in with your AzureAD account and start manage your new cloud print sevice.