I have being playing round with Printix – a cloud print service that’s is 100% integrated with AzureAD and the idea of a solutions with Windows 10 in a cloud environment is getting closer every day.

When we fist have AzureAD user login setup with Printix – see my blogpost

Then we have to deploy the Printix client – this is where Intune is the natural choice so that the user don’t have to download and install the printix client manual.

First you have to download the MSI installer of the client from : https://osddeployment.printix.net/admin/#/customize

Printix - Client Download MSI

When the MSI file is downloaded go into the Intune portal and applications

select Add App

Printix - Intune 01

Click Run

Printix - Intune 02

Login with your Intune admin account

Printix - Intune 03

Select Next

Printix - Intune 04

  1. Select “Windows Installer through MDM (*.msi)
  2. Browse to the previous downloaded PrintixClientWindows.msi
  3. Click Next

Printix - Intune 05

  1. Publisher: Enter Printix
  2. Name: Enter PrintixClientWindows.msi
  3. Discription : Enter a description
  4. URL: Enter the printix tenant URL
  5. Browse for a Icon
  6. Click Next

Printix - Intune 06

Click Next

Printix - Intune 07

Select Yes

use the Command line arguments: WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/VERYSILENT”

Click Next

Printix - Intune 08

Click Upload

Printix - Intune 09

Click Close

Printix - Intune 10

Now you just have to deploy the Application to the users that needs the Printix client.