In a perfect world a device will just getting AzureAD join after it is unboxed – but there is time when this is not possible – then you need to deploy Windows 10

But still want to give the user the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) this is a blogpost about who to achieved this goal with MDT.

First you need to run the sysprep /oobe command after the image has been deployed to the device – and you need to be sure that the MDT task sequence has ended before you run sysprep /oobe.

To achieved this I use Johan Arwidmark’s “Final Configuration” script for MDT 2013

Make the change to FinalConfig.hta : “c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /oobe /reboot”,1,False

Final Config

Created a Application in MDT with the Final Configuration script.

Add the application add the end of the MDT Task Sequence


Remember that when you do this:

  • The Windows device has to be in a workgroup.
    • JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP
  • Skip Final Summery has to be set to YES
    • SkipFinalSummary=YES


The user experience  will be like this.

For the demo purpose I can select a Task Sequence


Set a computer name


After the image deployment and run of the Final Configuration

Final Config 1.png

The user will experience the standard Windows 10 OOBE.

First select the language

Click Next


Here’s the legal stuff

Click Accept


Click Use Express settings


Select “Join Azure AD”