Upgrade Analytics is a great tool to get information on your Windows Client platform to see if your are ready for Windows 10.

The easiest Windows upgrade ever
The Windows Upgrade Analytics Service uses telemetry data to provide powerful upgrade readiness insights and recommendations about the computers, applications and drivers in your organization. This new service guides you through upgrade projects using a workflow based on Microsoft recommended practices. Up-to-date inventory data allows you to balance cost and risk in your upgrade projects.


This blog post is not about Windows Upgrade Analytics – but how to “Onboard” your Windows 10 1607 devices with Intune and a CSP policy.


I just found and tested this CSP setting:


Added in Windows 10, version 1607. Configures the identifier used to uniquely associate this telemetry data of this device as belonging to a given organization. If your organization is participating in a program that requires this device to be identified as belonging to your organization then use this setting to provide that identification. The value for this setting will be provided by Microsoft as part of the onboarding process for the program. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, then Microsoft will not be able to use this identifier to associate this machine and its telemetry data with your organization.


This setting is “Onboarding” your Windows 10 1607 with telemetry to your OMS upgrade analytics solutions.

The requirement is:

  • A Azure Subscription to sign up for Windows Upgrade Analytics (A free/trial Azure Subscription will also work)
  • A CommercialID from your Upgrade Analytics solutions
  • Windows 10 1607 MDM managed devices
  • Intune (Other MDM tools will also work)


How to “Onboard” Windows 10 1607 to Upgrade Analytics with MDM/CSP

First you need to login to http://oms.microsoft.com

Go to Settings > Connected Sources > Windows Telemetry

Copy your CommercialID

Upgrade Analytics - OMS - 01.png

Create a “Custom Configuration (Windows 10 Desktop and Mobile and later)” in Microsoft Intune.

Name: Upgrade Analytics Onboarding

Click Add


Setting name: ./Vendor/MSFT/DMClient/Provider/MS DM Server/CommercialID

Setting description : Windows analytics

Data type: String

OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/DMClient/Provider/MS DM Server/CommercialID

Value: CommercialID

MDM CSP - 00


After 12 – 48 hours the devices starts to show up in Upgrade Analytics



The same thing can be deploy with a GPO for Domain joined devices

Create a new GPO


Go to

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds

Enter your CommercialID



Now it is just to wait until  all your devices and data are in Windows Upgrade Analytics and use the information to:

Step 1: Identify Important Apps
Step 2: Resolve issue
Step 3: Deploy
Office Add-in
Site discovery