Microsoft just announced that Update Compliance is in preview.

Here is what kind of data you get into the new Windows Analytics Update Complicance Solution:

First of all this is one of the key point we have been missing in a Windows 10 modern management scenarios with the possibility to use the Mobile First – Cloud First strategy.

In Intune MDM we can managed Windows 10 devices over the MDM channel with a minimal of footprint on the devices and a minimal management overhead in the backend.

We have the possibility to configure Windows update for Business with the help of CSP settings – so we are in control over what devices is in what update ring – but we do not have a reporting tool to tell us where we are in the deployment of the new Windows updates. The problem is not only with the CB and CBB, but also with the quality updates and feature updates.



In the new Windows Analytics – Update Compliance solutions we can see the overview in the workspace.

Like here where we have 5.5k devices – but 71 of them needs attention.


When we take a closer look at all the information we got.

We can see that 71 devices has a update failed.


If we click on the Update failed then we drill down in aa list of what devices that are failing



Back to the overview: Windows 10 Quality Updates

In Windows 10, Quality Updates are cumulative and can contain both security and non-security fixes. Devices that are Up-to-date have the latest Quality Update installed.


Here we can see the 711 devices is “In progress or deferred”

If we drill down into the 711 devices

We can see a complete picture of why the devices is in progress – and 564 of the devices has started the download – and then we can conclude that they are not updated because of that.



Back to the overview: Windows 10 Quality Updates

In Windows 10, devices can be configured to be on the Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB) or Long term Servicing Branch (LTSB). Devices on the latest CB with the latest Quality Update installed are considered Current.


Now we are getting a complete picture of our devices OS version, if there are on CB or CBB.

I will highly recommend that you start using this tool to get a better overview of your update compliance situation – not only if there are in a cloud managed environment but also if your Windows 10 devices is on-premise.