Microsoft have recently released a redesigned IT Admin experience for Apple device enrollment the new Azure portal preview for Intune. The new experience is available in all newly created accounts, and will be rolled out to existing accounts in the coming months.


  • A Intune created after January 2017 in the Azure portal preview for Intune
  • Signed up for Apple DEP
  • Apple APN is configured

Start by going into the new Intune portal in Azure

Click on Device enrollment

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 01

Select Apple Enrollment

Click on Apple DEP token


How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 02

  1. Click download your public key certificate
  2. Create a DEP token via Apple Deployment Programs
  3. Enter the Apple ID for your DEP administrator
  4. Browse for the Apple DEP token you got from
  5. Click upload

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 03

Now you will see a message in the Azure portal that the sync with Apple is started and it will take 15 minutes.

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 04

Now you can create a DEP profiles

Click at the DEP profiles square

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 05

Click Create to create a Apple DEP Enrollment Profiles

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 06

Create Enrollment Profile

Enter a Name of the profile

Select User Affinity – Enroll with user affinity (This will prompt for a username doing the Out-of-box experience)

Click Configure Settings

How to setup Apple DEP in Intune - 07

Select Supervised – to set the enrolled Apple devices in supervised mode.

Allow pairing:

  • Allow All
  • Deny All
  • Allow Apple Configurator by certificate (The you are able to upload a certificate for your Apple Configurator)

DEP - Device Management Settings

At the Setup Assistant Customization

You can specify what Setup Assistant Screens that are Shown or skipped for the user doing the Out-of-box experience

DEP - Setup Assistent Customization

Then you are ready to do the Device Assignments for the devices that needs this profile.

It is not possible to de a default assignment as it was in the Intune Silverlight Portal

To find more information :

The following features and workflows have significantly changed: