There are to kinds of portals – the admin portals and end user portals. In this post I will cover the admin portals.

I will only look at portals related to the new Azure Portal – at some point every thing regarding EM+S will be migrated into the new Azure Portal.


First a look at the admin portals:

There is

When you login you are getting a default dashboard and you have to search for what service you need to manage

It is highly recommended to create a custom dashboard with titles of the every day work you are doing – and some blades so you are getting a easy overview of your EM+S environment.

You can use the Share function t


There is

This is a portal where all your Azure AD components are located with out all other services in Azure.

Is it also providing information about what your AzureAD license level – In my case it is AzureAD P2.


The services there is access to in this portal is;

AzureAD P1

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Users and groups
  • Enterprise applications
  • App registrations
  • Azure AD Connect Health
  • Azure AD Cloud App Discovery

AzureAD P2

  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  • Azure AD Identity Protection

There is

This is the new Intune for Education portal – that is a portal that you have access to if you have EM+S license or Intune for Education licens.

This portal is designed so that every day task is made easy for non technical admins to use.


Tips and tricks for the Azure Portal

If you press CTRL + ALT + D you can see the load time for every title (This is only working for

By pressing the Settings Icon – it is possible to change the settings of the Azure Portal

e.g disable the Toast Notification or Language settings


I will keep this post updated if I find more portals related to EM+S