With Windows 10 1607 from last year it is possible to use extensions for Microsoft Edge browser that are delivered from Windows Store.

In a Modern Device management scenario where Windows 10 is MDM managed with Intune – we have a way to deploy extensions for Microsoft Edge Browser with Windows Store for Business integrated with Intune.

First we have to “buy” the extension from Windows Store for Business.

I will get “Access Panel Extension App”

WSfB - Edge Extension - 01

Click Get the app

WSfB - Edge Extension - 02

Then the “Access Panel Extension” app is in the inventory – and next time Intune do a sync with Windows Store for Business the app shows up in the Intune Portal.

WSfB - Edge Extension - 021

This extension is required to access specific applications at https://myapps.microsoft.com, also known as the Access Panel, which provides single sign-on to cloud applications within your organization.


Here you can see more examples on Extensions for Microsoft Edge:

WSfB - Edge Extension - 10.png

After Intune has done the sync with Windows Store for Business the app shows up in Intune.

Go the Intune Portal and click on mobile apps

WSfB - Edge Extension - 03

Find the “Access Panel Extension”

WSfB - Edge Extension - 04

  1. Click on Assignments
  2. Select groups
  3. Search for the group you what to deploy it to
  4. Select the group
  5. Click select

WSfB - Edge Extension - 06

  1. Select Type = Required
  2. Click save

WSfB - Edge Extension - 07Now it is starting to deploy to the groups of users the next time there Windows 10 devices is syncing with Intune.

And the “Access Panel Extension” is getting installed on the device

WSfB - Edge Extension - 21

This works with Windows 10 1607.

Windows 10 1703 it gets an error when trying to install the app!

Log for it in the local event viewer under:

Microsoft – Windows – DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider

WSfB - Edge Extension - 22.png

MDM ConfigurationManager: Command failure status. Configuration Source ID: (50B3A9E8-75A3-474E-B2D8-072962538F1A), Enrollment Name: (MDMFull), Provider Name: (EnterpriseModernAppManagement), Command Type: (Execute), CSP URI: (./User/Vendor/MSFT/EnterpriseModernAppManagement/AppInstallation/Microsoft.AccessPanelExtension_8wekyb3d8bbwe/StoreInstall), Result: (Server execution failed).
Workaround – the user can install it from Windows store here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/access-panel-extension/9pc9sckkzk84