With Intune release of June 2017 Microsoft has enabled a new cool feature. TeamViewer support for Android – so that an Admin can remote control a Intune managed Android device.

The TeamViewer service allows users of Intune-managed Android devices to get remote assistance from their IT administrator. Create TeamViewer sessions by associating your TeamViewer account and authorizing it with Intune.

What do you need to get this working:

  • A Teamviewer licens
  • Microsoft Intune in Azure

In this blogpost I will show how to setup the TeamViewer connector in Intune. And show how the user experience is.

Take a look at the following sections:

  • How to setup TeamViewer Connector in Intune
  • How to remote control a Android Device
  • The user experience

How to setup Teamviewer Connector in Intune

Start https://portal.azure.com and go to the Intune blade

Click on devices

TeamViewer in Intune - 01

Under Setup – click on TeamViewer Connector

TeamViewer in Intune - 02

Click Connect

TeamViewer in Intune - 03

Confirm Connector Permissions by click Ok

TeamViewer in Intune - 04

Then you need to log in  to TeamViewer to authorize

TeamViewer in Intune - 05

Sign in to TeamViewer with your Company account

TeamViewer in Intune - 06

Request for permission
IntunePEApp is requesting the following permissions:
  • Session management:
    Create sessions, view all sessions, edit all sessions of the company, edit own sessions, view own sessions
  • Group management:
    Create groups, read groups, edit groups, share and unshare groups, delete groups
  • Connection reporting:
    Read connection entries, edit connection entries, delete connection entries

If you do not have all the required permissions in TeamViewer then you get a (*) behind the section where you do have the right permissions.

Your account does not have the permissions that are marked with an asterisk (*). You may still grant access to this application, but it will not be able to access data that would require these permissions.

When you are logged in to TeamViewer the connector status is changed to Active and you are ready to remote control you Android devices in Intune.

TeamViewer in Intune - 07

How to remote control a Android Device

Find a Android device

Click More – New Remote Assistance Session

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 01

Click Yes to connect to the device.

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 02

Now you can start remote control by clicking Start Remote Assistance

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 03

Then Intune start TeamViewer on your Windows device

 You need to have TeamViewer installed on the devices where your admins are remote manage devices from. It can be deployed as a MSI created in TeamViewer admin portal.

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 04

The end user has to accept your going to remote manage the device. Once this is done you have control over the device.

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 05

The action you have over the device is:

  • Remote Control
  • Screenshot
  • Apps
  • Processes
  • Settings

As an admin you can request a screenshot

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 06

Then the user has to take the screenshot for the admin

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 07


You can see a complete list of installed software on the device and you can uninstall a application.

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 08

The user has to accept that you are uninstalling the device

Android User Expirence - 05

After the uninstall process is completed you can as an administrator see is on the remote screen view.

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 09


You can stop a app on the remote device

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 10


You can add settings on the device – a Wi-Fi profile

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 11

TeamViewer in Intune - Admin view 12

The user experience:

The user is getting a notification in Intune Company Portal when a admin is requesting remote access.

Android User Expirence - 01

The user needs to accept that the IT Administrator is taking control on the device

Android User Expirence - 02

Then TeamViewer QuickSupport app auto start and ask the user for permission

Android User Expirence - 03

If TeamViewer QuickSupport is not installed on the device – the use is redirected to google play and have to install is. I my opinion to get the best user experience then you as a IT Admin needs to deploy TeamViewer QuickSupport for the user with Intune.