Device Health is yet another solution in Windows Analytics – the other two are Upgrade Readiness and Update Compliance.

This solution will give the IT department a better understanding of the health of the devices – this works both with cloud managed devices but also with onprem managed devices.

How to enable Windows Analytics with MDM or GPO:

How to “Onboard” Windows 10 1607 to Windows Analytics with MDM/CSP

Device Health enables your organization to detect and proactively remediate end-user impacting issues on your Windows devices, which can reduce support costs and improve efficiency of IT and end-users alike. Device Health uses Windows telemetry to provide specific insights into end-user impacting issues on your devices, as well as aggregated learnings from the broader Windows ecosystem.
With Device Health, you can:
• Identify devices that are crashing frequently and need to be fixed
• Determine which device drivers cause the most device crashes and determine if there are better driver versions that might reduce the crash rate
• See if there are applications that should be added to your Windows Information Protection workplace app list in order to reduce end-user prompts
• Perform detailed drill-down to your affected devices
• Understand how your health metrics compare to similar devices in the broader

How to enable Windows Analytics  – Device Health

Go into Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Click on Solutions Gallery

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 00.png

Find the new Windows Analytics – Device Health (Preview)

Click on the Solution

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 01.png

Click Add

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 02

Now it is enabled and there will be data in the solution within the next 24 hours

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 03

After the devices is starting to populate data into the Windows Analytics Solution – Device Health then you can start to see patterns on your devices that are crashing.

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 10

Frequently crashing devices:

See which devices are crashing the most; flattening or replacing outliers may help increase average device reliability. The chart at the top shows daily counts of devices with at least one crash in the prior two weeks. The list at the bottom shows devices with the most crashes in the last week.

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 11

Driver-induced OS crashes:

See which drivers have caused the most devices to crash in the last two weeks; upgrading or replacing these drivers may help reduce crashes.

Windows Analytics - Device Health - 12


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