As a consultant I do a lot of demo’s and workshop at customers and it is nice to have data in the solutions that we are showing the value of.

I just found out that you can populate demo data into Windows Analytics – Upgrade Readiness so that you can show a lots of data in the solution.

Some prerequisite:

  1. You need to have a Azure Subscription to setup OMS
  2. You need to Add the Windows Analytics – Upgrade Readiness to your OMS
  3. You need to add at one device so that you can get into the solution

Note: If you enable Demo mode your own data are not shown in Windows Analytics – Upgrade Readiness


How to setup demo mode for Windows Analytics – Upgrade Readiness

Click the Solution Settings

Upgrade Readiness  Demo -00.png

Click the Demo Mode = Enable

Upgrade Readyness - Demomode

When you enable Demo Mode, your workspace will be populated with a set of demo data for Upgrade Readiness. Demo data will show up within 24 hours.

When the Demo data is populated then we can see the overview and click on the solution

Upgrade Readiness  Demo -06.png

Step 1: Identify important apps

We can drill down see data on Microsoft and 3. part products

Upgrade Readiness Demo -01

Step 2: Resolve issues

We can drill down and see what needs to be done to resolve specific issue

Upgrade Readiness Demo -02

Step 3: Deploy

We can see what computers are ready to be deployed to the next build of Windows

Upgrade Readiness Demo -03

Office add-ins:

We can see status of a lot of Office plugins

Upgrade Readiness Demo -04

Site discovery:

We can see a lot of sites and what Doc mode they are being rendered in.

Remember when you enable Upgrade Readiness in production Site discovery are not enabled on the client by default – it needs to be enabled in the deployment script file.

Upgrade Readiness Demo -05

When you are disabling Demo Mode again:

Once you disable Demo Mode, Upgrade Readiness will show data from your company’s machine within 24 hours.

User Input (such as Upgrade Decision) set in Demo Mode will not carry forward to your own data.