One of the new features in SCCM 1706 is a client settings for Windows Analytics.

If you not already are using Windows Analytics you need to start now – Windows Analytics will give you insight into your Windows Client platform. Windows Analytics is a cloud service from Microsoft that are build in OMS.

At this moment there a 3 solutions in Windows Analytics

  • Upgrade Readiness
  • Update Compliance (Preview)
  • Device health (Preview)


What does the new client settings to for you in a SCCM environment?

It help you setup your Windows client to deliver telemetry data to Windows Analytics.

How to set  it up:

You need to enable the new Custom Device Setting – Windows Analytics

Windows Analytics - SCCM 1706 - 01

  1. Select Yes to manage Windows telemetry settings with SCCM
  2. Enter your Commercial ID
  3. Select your telemetry level

Windows Analytics - SCCM 1706 - 02

Here is a overview of the 4 telemetry levels (SCCM settings has only 3 – Basic, enhanced and full – because this are the leves required by Windows Analytics)

Windows Analytics - SCCM 1706 - 03

See more about Configure Windows telemetry in your organization here :

After you have enabled and deployed the client settings you can check the result in the registry on the device.

Windows Analytics - SCCM 1706 - 04