I have a customer that need a specific color in the Intune Company Portal.

In the Intune portal you can change the color for the Company Portal to Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Purple. I you what to change it to other colors you need to do it with Power shell.

Company Portal - RBG - 01.png

From this link you can download the Intune PowerShell sample scripts from here.

Then you can modify CompanyPortalBranding/CompanyPortal_Set_Brand.ps1 with the change you want.

First run the CompanyPortalBranding/CompanyPortal_Get.ps1 to see how it looks today:

Company Portal - RBG - 02.png

Then make the the  change in CompanyPortalBranding/CompanyPortal_Set_Brand.ps1 line: 342  “themeColor”: {“r”:120,”g”:120,”b”:120},

Company Portal - RBG - 03.png

Then the user experience will be like this:

Company Portal - RBG - 04.png


Thanks to Wes Kroesberg @ems_wes for pointing me in the right direction.