Microsoft has release a preview version of Microsoft Edge browser on Android and IOS.

Here is the Microsoft Edge Preview for Android.

In this blog post I will shot how to deploy it to Android managed by Microsoft Intune.

Prereq: Intune is setup and android devices is enrolled.

Login to

Go to the Intune blade

  1. Click Mobile apps
  2. Apps
  3. Add

Edge on Android with Intune - 01

Select Android and the configure

Edge on Android with Intune - 02Edge on Android with Intune - 03

  1. Name : Microsoft Edge Preview
  2. Description : Microsoft Edge Preview (Unreleased)
  3. Publisher : Microsoft
  4. Appstore URL :
  5. Minimum operation system : Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  6. Privacy Url :

Edge on Android with Intune - 04.png

Select a Icon – and then click ok and add

Now you are ready to assign the Microsoft Edge (Preview) to a group of users or devices

And now here is what it looks like for the user in Intune Company Portal

MS_Edge Company Portal.png