I have had a customer calling this week with a strange problem – when they are restting IOS devices after upgrading to IOS 11 iCloud restore option is no longer shown in the DEP enrollment process. Is was working if the devices was downgraded to IOS 10, but that was not a solution – because the new devices they got delivered was with IOS 11 and not possible to downgrade.

After som investigations and help from Microsoft we found that is was working as designed, and that it is possible to configure the DEP profile so the end-user have the possibility to use restore from iCloud as part of the DEP enrollment process.

Here is the reason:

In the Setup Assistant Settings for Apple DEP Enrollment Profile we normally are allowing restore on the devices on IOS 10 this will give the options to restore from iCloud

Restore from iCloud Backup IOS11 - 02

This is how it looks like after upgrading to IOS 11 – Restore from iCloud backup is not vissible

Restore from iCloud Backup IOS11 - 03

The solutions:

Apple has changed this in IOS 11 – that does not means that it is stopped working but that there is a extra requirement to allow restore from iCloud backup.

If there Apple ID is not showed as part of the Apple DEP enrollment process – the feature restore from iCloud backup is not show because it is requiring a Apple ID.

Change the Setup Assistant Settings to show Apple ID on the devices you need restore from iCloud feature.

Restore from iCloud Backup IOS11 - 04

And now Restore from iCloud Backup is visible again

Restore from iCloud Backup IOS11 - 01


Always remember to check with your company security guideline before allowing iCloud on Apple devices.