There is a new Intune release – in the Week of October 16, 2017 – there was announced Windows AutoPilot Integration – there is a preview label on the feature so this means that it is not final and are subject to change.



How does it looks like:

Inside the Intune admin portal go to Device enrollment – Windows Enrollment

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 01

Click Create Profile

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 02

Create profile

  1. Enter a Name – Windows AutoPilot Default Profile
  2. Join Type – Azure AD joined – this is the only join type at the moment, but with the new announcement at Ignite where it is possible to AzureAD and AD join the same device this will be subject to change
  3. Click to change the OOBE settings

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 03

Change the setting for the OOBE experience:

  1. Privacy Settings – change to Hide
  2. EULA – change to hide – this will only work on Windows 10 1709 as Microsoft have change the order in the OOBE to show EULA after Windows has connected to Windows AutoPilot
  3. User account type – change to Standard if you want the End-User to be a Standard – this is at the moment the only way to do it on a AzureAD joined device.

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 04

Then you can see the newly created Windows AutoPilot profile.

Note: Windows AutoPilot profiles created in MSfB or CSP portal are not showed in Intune – But the profile created in Intune is shown in MSfB

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 05

The Profile are also in Microsoft Store for Business

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 10


In the device section of Windows Autopilot Deployment Program – you can import devices.

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 06a.png

Click sync – and you will get you devices from the Windows AutoPilot service in MSfB

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 06

The sync will require that you click Refresh

Note: You still need to import your devices into MSfB and the sync to Intune

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 07

After a refresh your devices from MSfB are now showed in Intune

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 08

Then you can select one or more devices and assign the profile you created in Intune.

WIndows AutoPilot Intune - 09


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