Microsoft has in January 2018 released news applications for Intune Managed Application Management (MAM) both for IOS and Android.

Remember then when new Intune MAM applications is enabled in Intune the Intune administrator need to enabled the new MAM apps in the Intune App Protection policies under target apps.

For IOS the apps is:

  • PrinterOn
  • Microsoft Connections

Microsoft Connections IOS

printeron IOS

For Android the app is:

  • PrinterOn

printeron Android

What is PrinterOn:

PrinterOn for Microsoft is a Microsoft Intune-specific mobile app for iOS and Android that lets users search for and print securely to all PrinterOn Enterprise-enabled printers in your organization whether on or off-network. Users of the app can also access PrinterOn public print locations such as hotels and airport lounges when they are out of the office traveling for business, keeping them connected and increasing productivity.

  • Data encryption on save
  • Integrated Azure AD single sign-on and PIN enforcement policies
  • Multi-identity support
  • Secure lock and wipe of remote devices
  • File and clipboard restriction policies

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What is Microsoft Connections:

Microsoft Connections helps small businesses attract and retain customers with simple to use email marketing tools. Easily create professional-looking email marketing campaigns with pre-designed templates for announcements, newsletters and referrals.

  • Create professional looking email campaigns in a few simple steps
  • Use pre-designed templated for announcements, newsletters and referrals
  • Automatically generate and accept referral coupons
  • Customize referral rewards with a percentage, dollar or custom discount, and expiration date
  • Send automatic thank you email whenever a customer refers someone
  • Automatically generate unsubscribe links and opt-in confirmations
  • Preview emails before sending them to subscribers
  • Import contacts from various places, including your mobile device
  • View, create, and edit subscriber list on the go
  • Create new segments for better targeting
  • Review campaign performance and subscriber activity updates

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