Everybody is talking about Windows Autopilot, this blog is not about what autopilot is but on how to get that hardware information for future use with Windows Autopilot as part of the OSD deployment process with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

Windows Autopilot will first be really great when we can deliver a brand new device directly to the end user, but for now the IT department needs to unbox the devices and do some manual work. This example is for a IT department that want to do a Windows Autopilot POC or they know that Windows Autopilot is going to be used in the near feature.

Prerequisite for collecting hardware information:

  • Windows 10 1703 or later
  • Harvest hardware hash in full OS

You can use Michael Niehaus’s script from GitHub or you can create your own.

There is different ways of doing this with MDT – personally I like to run custom scripts as and application – so that what I will do in this example.

First you create a application in MDT

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 01

Select Application with source files

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 02

  1. Publisher: Microsoft
  2. Application Name: Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 03

Point to where the script is downloaded

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 04

Specify the name of the directory that should be created

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 05

Command line: powershell -executionPolicy bypass -file “Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo.ps1” -OutputFile \\vmdt01\autopilot$\MyComputer.csv -Append

Note: Outputfile need to point to a place where the MDT process have write access

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 06

Click Next

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 07

Click Finish

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 08

Add a application in your MDT Task Sequence

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 10.pngSelect the Microsoft Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo application

Important : Hardware hash is only available in WMI in full OS – so you need to run the application in full OS and not in WinPE

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 09

Now you are ready to deploy Windows 10 and collect the hardware information used with AutoPilot.

After the deployment you have collected the information you need for AutoPilot and are ready to upload in Microsoft Store for Business

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfofromMDT 11

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