Added in Windows 10 1709 is Windows Automatic ReDeployment, this feature is current only working on AzureAD joined Windows devices.
A use case for this is to allow a user to reinstall there Windows device without having to contact the IT Department, and the End-User can do this from any where, they don’t have to be on the corporate network.
Another use case when a device will be reused for a new End-User – the IT Department can just use the quick Windows Automatic ReDeployment instead of reimage the device.

Windows Automatic ReDeployment is a way of  quickly remove End-Users personal files, applications and settings, by resetting Windows 10 devices from the login screen. Windows Automatic ReDeployment will retain the AzureAD join and MDM enrollment.

If you are using Windows AutoPilot the ReDeployment will completely bypass the AutoPilot profile question so it is silent for the End-User.

For the new Intune Enrollment status page there is a different when using ReDeployment – Continue anyway is always shown no matter what the settings are saying. Read more on Intune Enrollment status page.  Intune Enrollment status page is only showed on Windows 10 1803.

Intune Enrollment status page - ReDeployment - 01.png


How to set Windows Automatic Redeployment:

Start the Microsoft 365 device management portal :

  1. Click on Device Configuration
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Click Create profile

Intune Re-deploy - 01

  1. Give the profile a name
  2. Select Windows 10 and later
  3. Select Device Restrictions
  4. Select Configure
  5. Select General
  6. Select Automatic Redeployment – Allow

Intune Re-deploy - 02


The End-user experience:


Intune Re-deploy - UE - 01.png

On Windows Lock screen press CTRL + windows_glyph  + R and you will be able to login with a AzureAD account that have local admin rights on the device

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 02

Then Windows will start Redeployning Windows with out any image solutions

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 03

If there is any updates on the devices it will be installed before the redeploying is starting

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 03a

Then Windows will show Resetting this PC until it is finish – and I will reboot automatic in the process

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 04

When is it done Windows will show “Success! Windows is set up and ready to go.” on the lockscreen

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 05

You can login and Windows will start the user profile creation

Intune Re-deploy - UE - 06


Troubleshooting Windows Automatic Redeployment:

Take a look in the MDM dianogstic log to see the CredentialProviders -DisableAutomaticReDeploymentCredentials settings has changed from 1 to 0

MDM log.png

The following list shows the supported values:

0 – Enable the visibility of the credentials for Windows 10 Automatic ReDeployment
1 – Disable visibility of the credentials for Windows 10 Automatic ReDeployment

To see the setting in Windows registry:

  1. Run Regedit on the Windows 10
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{01A30791-40AE-4653-AB2E-FD210019AE88}
  3. The key Disabled is changed from 1 to 0


Happy testing

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