I have got this questing from both co-workers and customers – so I thing that maybe other also have difficulty to find the CommercialID after Microsoft has moved from OMS https://mms.microsoft.com to Azure https://portal.azure.com or https://devicemanagement.microsoft,com – this is not a blog on what Windows Analytics is – but just how to find the CommercialID and Upgrade Readiness settings for Windows Versions.

Access Windows from https://portal.azure.com search for Log analytics the you have access for your Windows Analytics workspace.

Click on solutions

Windows Analytics CommercialID - 01

Then you have access to:

  1. Windows Upgrade Readiness – CompatiblityAssesment
  2. Windows Device Health – DeviceHealthProd
  3. Windows Update Compliance – WaaSUpdateInsights

Windows Analytics CommercialID - 02

In Windows Upgrade Readiness

  1. Click on Upgrade Readiness Settings
  2. Here is the Commercial ID key

The target version to be evalulated – can be changed to the next version of Windows you need to run

Windows Analytics CommercialID - UpgradeReadiness - 02

In Windows Device Health

  1. Click on Device Health Settings
  2. Here is the Commercial ID key

Windows Analytics CommercialID - DeviceHealth - 01

In Windows Update Compliance

  1. Click on Update Compliance Settings
  2. Here is the Commercial ID key

Windows Analytics CommercialID - Update Compliance - 01

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