Microsoft Edge Dev is ready to test for Mac users as well as Windows. This has been my preferred browser for most of my work for many months now. The availability for a Enterprise ready deployment also means that we can start testing the deployment of Microsoft Edge Dev with Intune.
It is not new that Intune can deploy LOB apps for Mac, so in this blog post I will use a well proven way of deploying apps to a corporate managed Mac. The way we do LOB app deployment on Mac is the same way as we do Win32 app deployment for Windows, we need a wrapper for the installation packages.

The new Microsoft Edge is still in preview, but it is a great and secure user experience cross platforms no matter if your end user is on Windows, IOS, Android or Mac. Not all features is available yet – but make sure that you are following the What’s next site for Microsoft Edge Insider.

In this blog post I will show how to get the Enterprise installer of Edge for Mac and how to packages it for deployment with Intune. I will not show how the Egde Dev browser is working.

Getting Microsoft Edge Dev for MacOS

Start by downloading the Edge Dev installer from the site will automatic detect that you are coming from a Mac or a Windows device.

  1. Click Download

Deploy Edge Dev With Intune on Mac - 001.png

  1. Click Accept and download


  1. Click Close


Download the Intune App Wrapping Tool for Mac from Github

When you have downloaded IntuneAppUtil for Mac you need to start the bash prompt.
By default you are not allowed to execute a file on MacOS, so you need to make IntuneAppUtil executable by running the command chmod +x IntuneAppUtil


After the IntuneAppUtil is executable you can run it with the needed parameters.

intuneapputil parameters.png

-c <source_file>
-o <output_file>
-v verbose

IntuneAppUtil  -c ./MicrosoftEdgeDevMac/MicrosoftEdgeDev- -o ./MSedgeIntune/ -v


Do to the verbose parameter you will get a lot of information in the bash command prompt,

  1. You can now find the .intunemac with the Edge Dev installer


Now you are ready to get the app into Intune.

Create Edge Dev App with Intune

Start Microsoft 365 Device Management portal

  1. Click Client apps
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click Add

Deploy Edge Dev With Intune on Mac - 01

  1. Select App type “Line-of-business app”
  2. Click App packages file
  3. Select your previous created .intunemac file

Deploy Edge Dev With Intune on Mac - 02

  1. Click App information
  2. Enter Name : Microsoft Edge Dev
  3. Enter Description : MicrosoftEdgeDev-
  4. Enter Publisher : Microsoft

Deploy Edge Dev With Intune on Mac - 03


  1. Click Logo
  2. Upload a png picture file to show into the Intune Company Potal

Deploy Edge Dev With Intune on Mac - 04

After the app is finished uploading to Intune, you can assign it to a groups of users or devices. If you select available it will show up in Intune Company Portal, and that is what I do in this example.

How is the end user experience:

Start the Intune Company Portal on the end user Mac devices

  1. Click on Apps
  2. Click on Microsoft Edge Dev

Edge mac UE 01

  1. Click Install

Edge Mac UE 02

Now the end user is ready to test out this great new  browser experience on there corporate Mac.

edge on mac.png

The install log file can be found on the Mac under /var/log/install.log then you can follow the installation progress.


Happy deployment

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