I just moved my VPP token from one Apple account to another, and found in the Intune DEP profile Install Company Portal with VPP was showing “No VPP tokens found”

It is not the first time I see it or get the question on why it is there. That’s the reason for this blog post. The first and most obvious reason is that you don’t have configured your VPP token inside Intune. But if that is not the case – then there is another possible reason.


No VPP token in DEP - 01

It is clearly stated in the documentation that you need to get the Company Portal from Apple VPP.
So I was sure that I had already done this – so I wend in to Client Apps

  1. Click Apps
  2. Search for Company Portal

No VPP token in DEP - 02

Company Portal from IOS volume purchase program was not to be found in Intune – then back to ensure that I had configured Apple VPP and  there was no issue with that.

  1. Open the Apple VPP Portal

No VPP token in DEP - 03.png

I figured out the I forgot to get Microsoft Company Portal from Apple VPP when I switch to my new Apple DEP/VPP token.

Solution get the Company Portal from Apple VPP.

Note : I always get a factor 2 license of my active users when I get a free app from VPP so I don’t run dry on license when I deploy apps.

I don’t have the patience to wait on the scheduled sync from VPP to Intune, so I used the Powershell Script AppleVPP_sync.ps1 from Github

No VPP token in DEP - 04

Wend back in to my client apps in Intune to verify that I got the Intune Company Portal

No VPP token in DEP - 05

In my DEP profil I now has access to set Use Token :

No VPP token in DEP - 06

Hope it helps if you are in the same situations


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