First of all – I love the Intune Enrollment status page, but there has been some scenarios where it has been less  success full. Like on a share device where every new user that are logging on to the device is getting the Enrollment status page shown.
But with Intune 1809 it is now possible to create a Enrollment Status Page profile and assign it to a group of devices that have a different settings than the default that applies to all users and all devices  in the tenant.

So if we have a default that always is shown and we do not allow the end user to exit if there has been a error – we can create a new profile that applies to a user or device group.

To set it op start you M365 device management portal

Home > Device enrollment – Windows enrollment > Enrollment Status Page (Preview)

  1. Click Create Profile
  2. Enter a name for the profile
  3. Click Create

Note: If you want any setting other then disable the Enrollment status page just click Configure

Status page - specific devices - 01

  1. Click Assignments
  2. Click Select groups
  3. Find your group – in my case “All AutoPilot SharedDevices”
  4. Click Save

Status page - specific devices - 03

Then we have a priority on the Enrollment Status Page

Status page - specific devices - 04.png

I cannot show you the end user experience of this profile – because it do not shows the Intune Enrollment Status page for my SharedDevices that are been autopiloted, but it still shows the Intune Enrollment status page for all other AzureAD joined – Autopiloted devices in my tenant.

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