I was helping a customer last week creating a multi app KIOSK device, I have done this with other customers with out any issue, the same in my test environment. But at this customer we where using a Danish ISO to install Windows 10 1809, and that is what we expect the OEM to deliver there Windows devices for Autopilot with.

Everything seems to be working perfect fine and there is no error on the Intune side – the KIOSK profile is applied to the device without any error.

Intune KIOSK - Multi App lang.png

When the KIOSK device is deployed and trying to do autologin there will be a logoff shortly after the login – instead of getting on the Windows desktop and shows the apps defined in the Intune KIOSK policy.

KIOSK Multi-app not working on da-dk.gif

This is a big issue when deploying KIOSK devices with Autopilot self-deploying – where the process is not to unbox and re-image the device, but just start the brand new device up and letting Autopilot and Intune doing all the hard work.

It is working just fine for single app KIOSK mode, but that is not always what you are going for.

In the local event log you can find that the issue is that Windows it getting a error creating the local user profile.

Workaround : Use a Windows 10 US version.

Thanks to my fellow MVP Zeng Yinghua @sandy_tsang for confirming the issue – she has tested on Swedish and Finish as well.