One of the biggest issue with Intune from the beginning of modern management with the MDM stack on Windows 10  – has been software inventory. Many companies has a CMDB where they love to put in software inventory for different reasons there has been no good way other then installing a asset management solutions with agent on all deployed devices.

Looking at the Discovered apps on the device object in Intune – there is starting to show up Windows 32 apps – at first my thoughts was it was the applications installed with the Win32 app model in Intune – but I see apps that are installed manual on the device.

Intune management extension need to be installed on the device to get the win32 application inventoried, so you need to install at least one win32 app or run a powershell script from Intune on your devices.
The inventory part is a feature that is released with version 1901.

Win32 App Inventory with Intune - 01

If you look at the registry on the device:


Win32 App Inventory with Intune - 02 You see under the application GUID with a minimal sets of information.

This is a long needed feature that have great potentials for customers that are running Intune managed devices with out any other inventory agent on.